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If you need a tow truck or roadside assistance in Muleshoe TX call us now!

Welcome to Muleshoe’s premiere towing and roadside assistance service.

For years, stranded motorists have been calling Muleshoe Towing to come to their rescue in need of one of our many handy roadside services whether it be a tow, battery boost, fuel replenishment, tire change, or reassuring hug. Our customers know that when they need us, they can count on us.
Towing & Roadside Services:
From the moment our phone rings, (and once we make sure it isn’t our mother) we know the clock is ticking and we jump into action immediately. Our vetted, expert drivers distinguished by years of experience and thick beards are focused on getting to your location as quickly as they can to deliver a superb customer experience and get you on your way.
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Every call we get, like the one you should make right now, is an opportunity to prove ourselves as the best Tow Truck Service Company in Muleshoe Texas.

Here’s Why Our Customers Love Us:
We all know how harsh a North Texas winter can be. And while nothing engages the adrenal glands like careening down an icy highway during a blizzard, a surprisingly frequent outcome is winding up in the ditch and having to defend yourself against the blistering cold and occasional Yeti encounter while you wait for help to arrive.

More pleasantly, if you find yourself in this situation help is only a phone call away. Even in the most harsh and unpredictable weather conditions, our team will be out and available in full force until the job is done. No one is more dependable when time and safety top the list.

Our operations staff are always happy to answer any questions you might have, no matter how busy the day, and you can be sure you’ll be greeted promptly and warmly when you call. Being friendly is who we are, it’s what we do.

Our friendly, uniformed drivers are polite, respectful, and operate within our strict code of safety when on a service call.

We know a lot of people say this, but no job is too big or too small for Muelshoe Towing & Recovery. We are eager to earn and happy to help whenever and wherever our services are needed.
All Ways Towing INC.

    1. Remain calm and seek help. Ideally you have a working cell phone and you should call for assistance immediately.
    2. Always stay in your vehicle. Rescuers have better odds of locating you in your vehicle as opposed to on foot. You will also be able to survive far longer in your vehicle than outside in the elements.

    There are only two circumstances in which you should leave your vehicle:
    • If you are familiar with the surroundings and are certain it would be easy to walk to safety.
    • You have assistance and facilities get your car back on the road and operational.
    3. Keep your seat belt on. This is particularly important in blizzard conditions when there is a danger that other drivers may slide into your vehicle after it has become stuck.
    4. Crack the back window slightly. It’s possible that the exhaust pipe of your vehicle can become obstructed by snow, which can cause a backup of deadly carbon monoxide fumes to enter the vehicle while the engine is running.
    5. Run the engine for 10 to 15 minutes every hour. This will allow you to heat the car, and melt snow into water if you are stranded for an extended period. This routine will also conserve gas and prolong the life of both the engine and the battery. Your vehicle is your lifeboat, and you must conserve its energy as long as possible.

    ​OK. We said it. Stay safe, and keep our number handy so you can call us should you get stuck and we will be right there. We are simply the fastest, cheapest, friendliest towing services company in Muleshoe.